Teach Your Children Rules Of Courtesy

The rules of courtesy are closely linked with kindness and knowing how to be and live with other people. That is why it is so important that children learn them from a very young age. Learning courtesy is learning good manners.

But in all situations, you need to know what the rules of courtesy and good manners are. In this way they can use it whenever they interact with others, whether they are known people or not. All this is essential to be able to live in harmony with others and that social conscience is part of us.

The Rules of Courtesy to Learn

For them to learn the rules of courtesy, the most important thing above all is that they do so through example, that is, through you. They should see in your person how you treat them, how you treat yourself and how you treat other people, whether they are known or not.

This is essential so that they know how to behave in different situations and how to relate to others. Children are not born with this learned and it is essential that you teach it.

It is important to be old enough to understand, because for example, you cannot ask a baby to eat with a knife and fork, nor can you ask a child who cannot speak to say nice things. You have to use logic so that you can demand what they can really do depending on their age and ability.

But as they grow, you must teach them good manners and courtesy rules so that little by little they put them into practice, until they internalize them and it comes out automatically when they interact with others.

To do this from a young age:

  • Let them observe you
  • That they learn to say hello and goodbye
  • That they ask for things please and give thanks
  • Allow them to express themselves and teach them to do so assertively
  • Do not overwhelm them with the rules, lead by example more than with the word

Practice the rules of courtesy

It is essential that the rules are practiced daily so that in this way they are able to apply them in their day to day. Little by little and as they grow, you will realize that without telling them anything, they will be able to carry them out on their own.

To start, you can teach them through a reward system where they win small prizes when they meet the courtesy objectives that you propose. It is better that you go progressively and that you start with few objectives and manageable for your age instead of trying everything at once.

Some examples:

  • Wait your turn to speak
  • Give thanks when necessary
  • Ask for things please
  • Knock on the door before entering
  • Be respectful of others
  • Have kind words with others

You can choose one to do a week, and then start incorporating new ones when the child already has them well worked and assumed in their behavior.